Boyer Vanagon

This next project will be interesting because of the new design and challenge to best utilize every bit of space.

This is the general layout.  I re-designed the new cabinets somewhat to fit the clients needs.

Here is the current interior which has been mostly gutted.

And the face frame for the cabinet behind the drivers seat in progress.  All the cabinets are teak with a solid teak counter top for the sink and stove area.

Now I’ve installed three more bulkheads, made the drawers and drawer fronts and installed them with full extension glides and test fit the cabinet into the van.

Next is building the rear cabinet and fitting it to the first cabinet and the curves and angles of the van.  This has one big door facing the interior, one small door facing the rear and an open shelf at the top rear that runs the length of the cabinet.  There will also be a lower shelf that will be in the middle of the large door opening.  The bottom of the cabinet is shaped to allow clearance for the engine bay door.

This upper cabinet fits across the back with the speakers facing forward.   It also butts into the cabinet pictured above and has open storage access from the back.  The door in front will hinge at the top so it can swing up out of the way.

This next series of pictures shows the finished interior.  The first one is taken through the sliding passenger side door.

The drawers and doors are flush mounted with the wood grain matching the face of the cabinet.  They have a combination push button catch and pull.  In the latched position they are very low profile.

This is taken from the front straight back and shows the upper cabinet ready for speakers.

Mounted in the solid teak counter top is a clever combination sink and 2 burner cook top.

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