A place to see my current work, and some of the insights I might share
  • Vent Cover

    Since lowering the bathtub, the original vent cover isn’t long enough so I decided to make a new one out of the left over fiberglass I have.   I made the form out of birch plywood, applied a mold release, two coats of gel-coat and laid up two layers of fiberglass mat leaving the excess hanging over the edges.

    Trimmed the excess off with my table saw and miter box.

    I had to tear apart the form to release the part from the mold. Oh well, I didn’t need it anymore.

    The new cover next to the old plastic one.  All that’s left is to cut it to length and fit it to the curved ceiling.

  • Painting

    Now that all the old paint was stripped, I sanded the vinyl with 150 grit sandpaper to give the surface some tooth and set up my airless with Sherwin Williams (SW) extreme primer and shot a light coat.  Next I sprayed a coat of  SW  latex in their tan color which is a little lighter that the original paint.  That really brightened up the inside!

  • Stripping

    Since the rolled on paint filled up the texture of the vinyl wall covering in spots I decided to strip all the paint off.  I used the more Eco-friendly orange stripper.

    It worked well giving it a couple of hours to soften the paint and I didn’t have to wear a respirator even in the enclosed trailer.

    Even after stripping, the surface varied widely in color.

  • Interior Paint

    Two owners ago they decided it would be smart to take a roller and forest green & black paint and redecorate the inside of the trailer….seemed a little dark to me.

  • Tub is back together

    I have a taller back added onto the tub out of fiberglass that wraps around behind the sink. In this picture I have temporarily assembled the sink onto the tub. (more…)

  • Sink Mods

    Lowering the bath tub 2 inches means that to keep the sink at the original height, I need to raise it 2 inches. Leaving it low would mean having to lean down too far. In fact I would raise it up farther if it wouldn’t interfere with the window. (more…)

  • Modifying The Tub Phase 1

    I’ve taken the tub out to do a small repair to the floor and decided, since it was coming out anyway and I am adding a grey tank under the floor in the trailer frame, I would be able to lower the tub down 2 inches giving this 6 footer some much needed headroom.  The picture above shows the difference in height from the old support and the new ones.


  • Taking the bathroom apart

    I carefully removed the partitions that divide the bedroom and the bathroom and removed the cabinet.  Now I have to decide what to keep and what to replace.   The nasty toilet goes for sure.  I have a new macerating toilet that will take it’s place.  Sitting on the floor in the corner is the old Univolt that will get replaced with a modern converter/charger.


  • Bedroom Cabinets

    Today I am continuing to remove the remainder of the cabinets in the bedroom. They were painted black by the former owner and had to go!


  • Sink Cabinet

    This cabinet looks original and I got it out mostly intact. I think I will have to drill out some rivets to get the counter top out as it seems to be attached to the back splash.