• Tub is back together

    I have a taller back added onto the tub out of fiberglass that wraps around behind the sink. In this picture I have temporarily assembled the sink onto the tub. (more…)

  • Sink Mods

    Lowering the bath tub 2 inches means that to keep the sink at the original height, I need to raise it 2 inches. Leaving it low would mean having to lean down too far. In fact I would raise it up farther if it wouldn’t interfere with the window. (more…)

  • Modifying The Tub Phase 1

    I’ve taken the tub out to do a small repair to the floor and decided, since it was coming out anyway and I am adding a grey tank under the floor in the trailer frame, I would be able to lower the tub down 2 inches giving this 6 footer some much needed headroom.  The picture above shows the difference in height from the old support and the new ones.


  • Taking the bathroom apart

    I carefully removed the partitions that divide the bedroom and the bathroom and removed the cabinet.  Now I have to decide what to keep and what to replace.   The nasty toilet goes for sure.  I have a new macerating toilet that will take it’s place.  Sitting on the floor in the corner is the old Univolt that will get replaced with a modern converter/charger.