• Painting

    Next I filled holes in the bathroom end cap and sanded it lightly before spraying a plastic primer and then a high quality latex paint.

    Now that all the old paint was stripped, I sanded the vinyl with 150 grit sandpaper to give the surface some tooth and set up my airless with Sherwin Williams (SW) extreme primer and shot a light coat.  Next I sprayed a coat of  SW  latex in their tan color which is a little lighter that the original paint.  That really brightened up the inside!

  • Stripping

    Since the rolled on paint filled up the texture of the vinyl wall covering in spots I decided to strip all the paint off.  I used the more Eco-friendly orange stripper.

    It worked well giving it a couple of hours to soften the paint and I didn’t have to wear a respirator even in the enclosed trailer.  Even after stripping, the surface varied widely in color.

  • Interior Paint

    Two owners ago they decided it would be smart to take a roller and forest green & black paint and redecorate the inside of the trailer….seemed a little dark to me.