• Modifying The Tub Phase 1

    I’ve taken the tub out to do a small repair to the floor and decided, since it was coming out anyway and I am adding a grey tank under the floor in the trailer frame, I would be able to lower the tub down 2 inches giving this 6 footer some much needed headroom.  The picture above shows the difference in height from the old support and the new ones.


  • Taking the bathroom apart

    I carefully removed the partitions that divide the bedroom and the bathroom and removed the cabinet.  Now I have to decide what to keep and what to replace.   The nasty toilet goes for sure.  I have a new macerating toilet that will take it’s place.  Sitting on the floor in the corner is the old Univolt that will get replaced with a modern converter/charger.


  • Bedroom Cabinets

    Today I am continuing to remove the remainder of the cabinets in the bedroom. They were painted black by the former owner and had to go!


  • Sink Cabinet

    This cabinet looks original and I got it out mostly intact. I think I will have to drill out some rivets to get the counter top out as it seems to be attached to the back splash.


  • Range

    The next thing to go was the range. I disconnected the gas line, unscrewed it from the top and out the door it went.


  • Deconstruction

    Next is tearing out the carpet in the living room and kitchen, tearing out the tack strips around the perimeter and pulling out the padding and all the staples holding it down. The plywood floor looks good in here except for some slight surface rot at the entry door.


  • Some before pictures

    To give you a sense of where we started, I thought I’d share a series of pictures of the trailer when we took possession of it. As you can see, there’s a lot of work to be done, but that’s where the fun is!


  • We bought our new/old trailer!

    We found a 1966 Airstream Tradewind in Vancouver WA via Craigslist. The body is in very good shape with a few dings here and there. All the windows are original. The inside is in rough shape because of some terrible painting by the previous owner. The floor seems to be in reasonable condition. I will have to confirm this as I begin removing cabinets. After airing up the tires we brought it home and it towed very nicely.