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1968 Airstream Sovereign – 30 ft

I’ve always had a passion for camping and for the world of classic campers. Of course when I was a teenager they weren’t classic, but even then I knew that the 30 foot Airstream Sovereign my parents owned was something special. My family would forge out on adventures with our shiny Airstream behind us. We took trips into Canada where we enjoyed the beauty of Lake Louise and Banff National Park, into California and even Mexico. As kids we of course enjoyed Disneyland, but one of our favorite destinations in the winter was actually camping in Death Valley, California.

As a young man I ventured into a cabinet business with a friend, specializing in custom cabinetry for residential homes. Because we installed appliances for every customer, I learned every aspect of the business, from construction, electrical and plumbing through heating and air conditioning. I was also starting my own woodworking business at the time, enjoying the process of designing and building the custom cabinets in my own shop.

Death Valley

Entering Death Valley from the west

Somewhere along the way I fell in love, and I discovered my new bride was also very interested in camping. One our our first adventures was traveling down through California, visiting many places, including my childhood favorite, Death Valley. I would tell my wife stories of the camping trips in the old Airstream, how wonderful it felt to be traveling in such a classic RV. In the fall of 2013 she told me she wanted to buy one, and we began the search. Soon she found a 1966 Airstream Tradewind. At only 24 feet long, it was a bit smaller than the trailer I experienced as a youth, but we knew it would be perfect for us.

I have a particular passion for helping restore these magnificent RVs. It is more than just work for me, but a chance to travel back to the times as a child when I discovered the beauty and peace of camping. I hope that I can help you relive your youth, or make some new memories in your own trailer. We enjoy traveling to various rallys and shows, meeting fellow enthusiasts, and helping others bring their own classic RV back to life.


What we do

Let us bring your vintage trailer back to life.


We will work with you on a design that includes the features most important to you, whether it’s refurbishing your existing cabinets and countertops, or a completely new layout.

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Our ’66 Airstream Tradewind

Follow the progress on our own 1966 Tradewind
  • Waste Tanks

    These early trailers never had separate grey water tanks. Back then it was ok to dump the gray water out on the ground. Today that is unacceptable so I ordered a grey tank that would fit where the old black water tank was.

    This is a drawing of a tank I ordered from Vintage Trailer Supply with the fittings I wanted them to install.

    I spaced the tank about one inch below the floor at the back of the trailer so that the fittings would line up with holes in the cross members. To hold the tank in place I mounted 2″ straps and ratchet type cinches.


    I ordered a dual valve setup by Valterra. The main valve comes up on the inside at the very back and drains the grey tank and the small one drains the black tank from underneath the back bumper.


    The black tank is mounted on top of the floor in the bathroom cabinet. I will install a marine toilet that macerates (grinds) and pumps into the tank.

  • Instant Hot Water

    Given the size of the bathtub I installed a tank-less water heater and as long as I have propane and a water supply I can generate continuous hot water. The original opening was too large so I made a patch panel out of Alclad aluminum and installed the new heater.

  • New Flooring

    I decided on Marmolium because of its durability and that the color goes clear through the wear layer. This was too ambitious for me so I hired Applied Surfaces Technology, Inc. here in Lewiston.

    They first put down 1/4″ plywood underlayment to help even out the sub-floor. Then the flooring.

    I made a digital copy of the Trade Wind Logo and had them inlay it in the entry.

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